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Talk to Others About Jesus

Talk turns reading the following Introduction below: 

Tonight, we are going to use our time to keep the mission of Jesus before us. In Acts 2, people were added to their number daily! This was not just based on evangelism but by the way the followers of Jesus lived out the Kingdom in front of them. 

As we live out the Kingdom in our day-to-day life, we also keep Matthew 28 in front of us. We commit to being intentional in our going, going outside our us-group and asking God to include us in what He’s doing wherever we go! All this is so that we can bring the Kingdom and participate in following His command to make disciples! 

We have a few tools we like to revisit regularly to encourage one another to be a part of what God is doing around us. 

  • One person explain Include-Me prayer 
  • One person explain Oikos Map 
  • One person explain PRAYER-CARE-SHARE 

Break into groups of 3-4, write out or pull up your Oikos map and work through the following: 

1. Is there anyone new in your Oikos? How has it been going with PRAYER-CARE-SHARE? What’s been good? What’s been hard? Share any tips or testimonies! 

2. Choose something to practice “Sharing”–have one person in your group pretend to be the person in your Oikos and you practice using the phrases or tools below. You may feel silly doing this but having some reps saying it outloud will make it easier to respond to God if He prompts you to share one of these! 

You can practice SHARING

  • A Time in My Life Story: ”There was a time in my life when <struggle or need>…” then share about how Jesus met you in that place. This is a 60 second testimony!
  • The Gospel: Practice drawing the Bridge Illustration and using it to explain the Gospel of Salvation (google it if no one knows it!) 
  • Prayer: ”Could I pray with you about that right now?” 
  • The Bible: “Would you want to get together sometime and read the Bible?” 

3. Share an “I Will” statement for this week as it relates to living on mission. End by praying for one another to be filled with the Holy Spirit to be loving, obedient and bold. 


HC Pastor Notes: 

Make sure you know how to explain the Include-Me Prayer, Oikos Map and Prayer-Care-Share tools in case you need to explain one of them. Remind people that the Sharing part can feel silly, but it’s an effective way to prepare to share when prompted by the Holy Spirit! Demonstrate if this is new to your group. 

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