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Listen to Jesus

Read the following Introduction aloud: 

Tonight we are going to Listen to Jesus through Scripture using Lectio Divina. This tool helps us to approach the Bible not just with our minds but with our hearts and souls also. As we do this, we learn how to slow down and connect with Jesus. It also allows us to engage with one another in meaningful, spiritual conversations. Lectio Divina consists of slowly and prayerfully reading and re-reading a passage of Scripture and reflecting on a question after each of the three readings. 

If this is new to you, we will read the flow below before we get started. Keep this pulled up as we do each Scripture reading to help you know what to do after each reading. 

We will listen to the Scripture for the first time. 

  • Listen for a word or phrase that God will speak to us today. 
  • Reflect in silence. 
  • Share aloud the word or phrase. No added commentary.

We will listen to the Scripture for the second time. 

  • Reflect in silence: What do you feel? What specific situation in your life today relates? 
  • Pray a short prayer of response out loud or to yourself telling God what you feel or what situation came to mind. 

We will listen to the Scripture for the third time. 

  • Reflect in silence: What is God’s personal invitation to you from the Scripture?
  • Write down what the Lord may be saying to you or write a prayer of thanks. 

We will end by thanking God in prayer. 

  • The facilitator closes with a prayer thanking God for this encounter with His Word.
  • We’ll take some time for people to share what they experienced. 


HC Pastor Notes: 

Leading Lectio takes a little bit of to get the hang of the ebb and flow; it should feel like breathing in and breathing out as the group reads, listens and responds. Ask for three volunteers to read the Scripture passage. 

Invite the group into prayer with a few moments of silence then help move the group through each of the three readings and final response time. 


Scripture Suggestions: 

You can also Google “Lectio Divina scriptures” for more ideas. 

“Help for Discouraged Leaders” (1 Samuel 30:1-6): David finds strength in the Lord when his men turn on him at Ziklag. 

“Surrounded By Angels” (2 Kings 6:8-17): Elisha prays for his servant’s eyes to be opened to see the spiritual Kingdom of God. 

“Two Ways to Live and Lead” (Psalm 1): Going your own way vs. listening to God. 

“The Dark Night” (Psalm 13): Take heart from David in a Dark Night of the Soul or other times of trial. 

“Baptized in Christ” (Matthew 3:13-17): In Christ, the heavens are opened to us as they were to Jesus at his baptism: “You are my beloved child and in you, I am well pleased.” And the Spirit remains on us!

“Jesus’ Easy Yoke For You” (Matthew 11:25-30): Learn to live and work in Jesus’ unforced rhythms of grace. 

“Jesus’ Glory in a Small Group” (Matthew 17:1-13): Christ our Lord shows us how to be a spiritual formation group. 

“See Jesus Seeing You” (Mark 1:14-20): As with his first disciples, Jesus sees you and calls, “Come, follow me.” 

“Peace! Be Still” (Mark 4:35-41): With Christ, we can be at peace — even before he calms the storm with a word! 

“Receiving God’s Word” (Luke 1:26-38): Mary’s great prayer of submission. (Especially good for Advent.) 

“Failure and Faith” (Luke 22:24-34): As with Peter, we all fail at times. The key is Jesus’ prayer for us that our faith in God not fail. (Especially good for Lent.) 

“Join the Father’s Work” (John 5:1-20): Jesus heals the invalid at the Sheep Gate Pool. 

“The Radiant Son of God” (Hebrews 1:1-4): Captivate your heart with Christ to let him shine out from you to others.* 

“Riveted by Jesus in his Glory” (Revelation 1:9-19) Jesus appears in a vision, shining forth like the sun in his divine glory. 

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