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Thank you for being willing to lead your House Church through the guide this week! As you bring joy, structure and intentionality to the night, it minimizes the awkwardness and allows people to connect with Jesus and each other in a more natural way. 

To lead the guide, simply:

  1. Read over it before House Church starts and get a feel for what’s happening that night. Know who is leading worship so you can hand it off to them at that point. 
  2. On the night of House Church–gather the group in the central meeting space about 45 minutes after the House Church start time.  
  3. Have everyone pull up the guide and open to Acts 2:42-47. 
  4. Facilitate the transitions between parts and choose people for the different read-aloud portions if there are no volunteers.

Pro tips: 

  • If the group goes off topic or someone is over-talking, kindly bring the group back to what y’all were doing. 
  • When getting into smaller groups, make sure the groups are even and have the right mix of people and no one is left wandering. 

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