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DBS Scriptures | Pre-Believers: Discovering Jesus

  • John 6:1-21 Jesus’ ability to meet our needs
  • Luke 7:36-50 Jesus’ offer of forgiveness and acceptance
  • Matthew 5:3-10 Jesus’ blessing for the downtrodden
  • John 2:12-22 Jesus’ stand against injustice
  • Mark 5:21-42 Jesus’ compassion for those experiencing suffering
  • Luke 7:18-35 Jesus’ plan for restoration
  • John 13:1-17 Jesus’ humility and servant leadership
  • Matthew 27:11-30 Jesus’ willingness to stand in our place
  • Luke 23:26-49 Jesus’ act of reconciliation through his suffering and death
  • John 20:1-18 Jesus’ life-giving power through resurrection
  • Luke 5:1-11 Jesus’ call to us to follow him

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